A violation of building regulations can cause a lot of trouble when you want to make changes to your home or sell it. H-Architects is happy to advise and help you trough the regularisation process.


A building-code violation: A DIFFICULT SITUATION

You bought a house where remodeling was done without a building permit, the was an unauthoried change in the function of (part of) the building, you carried out works yourself without an architect, ...

Whatever the reason is, a a situation where the building regulations were violated cannot last. Especially when you got a warning or ticket, when you want to sell your house or when you were obliged to stop your unauthorised construction works, it becomes very urgent. Fortunately, it is possible to solve the problem in most cases!


Solving a violation is done trough a regularization procedure. Sometimes the existing situation can still be regularized without changes, sometimes renovations or demolition works are required to make the building legal again. It may also happen that regularization is not possible.

An application for regularization must be submitted to the city or municipality by an architect. The first step is to inform us about the condition of the property. You provide our the plans of the building and any communication with the municipality or other relevant documents.

After we have analyzed these, an architect from H-architects always comes on site to evaluate the situation, and to take measurements and pictures. We will then inform ourselves thoroughly by contacting your city or municipality. The goal: to ensure that your home or building can be regularized with as few adjustments and associated costs as possible.

When we have collected all information, we will get back with you. We look at your options, and the associated costs of each option. When we make an agreement, the regularization dossier can be submitted.


In some cases, a (minor) renovation or some demolition work will be necessary to regularize your building-code violation. If that is the case, we will try to limit the number of adjustments as much as we are allowed.

In addition to regularization, if you also want a (new) building application for changes to the house, we are also happy to help you. Please tell us right away, as doing thing at the same time can speed up te entire process.

Do you need help with regularizing your violation of building regulations? Please feel free to contact us!